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Reptile offers both in-store and online shopping experiences. The online store is supplied by our off-site facility, so availability online will not reflect in-store availability. Prices online will also differ from in-store pricing. The animals shown below are a selection of the ones that we offer in-store. For more details please contact the store directly. The best way to contact us is by phone at 905-521-9990.

You can also browse our online selection by clicking here. If you purchase animals (or feeders) through our online site you have the option of picking up at the store for free or having them delivered/shipped to you. Please remember that our online animals are held at an off-site facility and will not immediately be available for pick up. Our office staff will contact you with a pick up date once you've placed an order.

Tokay Gecko -

Tokay Gecko

Gecko gekko

Veiled Chameleon -

Veiled Chameleon

Chameleo calyptratus

Suriname Smooth Toad -

Suriname Smooth Toad

Rhaebo guttatus

Land Hermit Crab -

Land Hermit Crab

Coenobita clypeatus

Crested Gecko -

Crested Gecko

Rhacodactylus ciliatus

Marine Toad -

Marine Toad

Bufo marinus

Egg Eating Central African Snake -

Egg Eating Central African Snake

Daesypeltis fasciata

Pink Toe Tarantula -

Pink Toe Tarantula

Avicularia avicularia

Green Anole -

Green Anole

Anolis carolinensis

White's Tree Frog -

White's Tree Frog

Litoria caerulea

Rough Green Snake -

Rough Green Snake

Opheodrys aestivus

Reptile also carries a wide variety of equipment, housing, and supplies for your pet. These supplies are in-store only. Please call for availability or visit us at our location in Hamilton.

We carry brands such as Exoterra, ZooMed, and Midwest, and have a variety of the following items:

  • Heat lamps and bulbs (heat, UVB, basking, etc.)

  • Heat emitters

  • Bedding and substrate

  • Thermometers and hygrometers

  • Pre-made specialized diets

  • Terrariums and habitats

  • Decorative plants

  • Live plants

  • Food dishes

  • Water dishes

  • Hides and caves

  • Starter kits

  • Water filters

  • Snake hooks

  • Feeding tongs and tweezers

  • Breeding boxes

  • Supplements


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