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IN-STORE SHOPPING offers both in-store and online shopping experiences. The online store is supplied by our off-site facility, so availability online will not reflect in-store availability. Prices online will also differ from in-store pricing. Please contact the store directly for in-store inquiries. also carries a wide variety of equipment, housing, and supplies for your pet. These supplies are in-store only. Please call for availability or visit us at our location in Hamilton.

We carry brands such as Exoterra, ZooMed, and Midwest, and have a variety of the following items:

  • Terrariums and habitats

  • Decorative plants

  • Live plants

  • Food dishes

  • Water dishes

  • Hides and caves

  • Heat lamps and bulbs (heat, UVB, basking, etc.)

  • Heat emitters

  • Bedding and substrate

  • Thermometers and hygrometers

  • Pre-made specialized diets

  • Starter kits

  • Water filters

  • Snake hooks

  • Feeding tongs and tweezers

  • Breeding boxes

  • Supplements


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