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Reptile no longer offers in-store shopping, but we do still offer an online shopping experience. The online store is supplied by our off-site facility.

You can browse our online selection by clicking here. If you purchase animals (or feeders) through our online site you have the option of having them delivered/shipped to you or picking them up either in Hamilton or Erin, Ontario. Please note that your order will not immediately be available for pick up. For most feeders we require orders to be in by 11am on Fridays to be ready the following week. Our office staff will contact you with a delivery or pick up date once you've placed an order.

Being an online-only store, Reptile is no longer going to be carrying equipment, housing, or other dry goods as these items were always in-store only items. However, we still have a variety of these items left after our closing sale. Therefore, they will soon be posted on our online store for a limited time while supplies last. We will have a variety of the following items:

  • Heat lamps and bulbs (heat, UVB, basking, etc.)

  • Heat emitters

  • Bedding and substrate

  • Thermometers and hygrometers

  • Pre-made specialized diets

  • Terrariums and habitats

  • Decorative plants

  • Live plants

  • Food dishes

  • Water dishes

  • Hides and caves

  • Starter kits

  • Water filters

  • Snake hooks

  • Feeding tongs and tweezers

  • Breeding boxes

  • Supplements

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