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CHOOSING THE RIGHT REPTILE FOR YOU strongly recommends proper research and preparation before the purchasing of your new pet. Although as a business we would love to sell you that impulse buy, we are ethically and morally connected to our reptiles and clientele. We will make every attempt to ensure it’s a good choice for you. The staff at are always available to discuss options for you and your household.

Before you buy a new reptile please consider the following:

Time Management

Do you have enough time for this reptile? Is it going to have its basic needs met? Is your schedule going to change where one day you won’t be able to take care of it? Do you know the amount of care that is required (daily, weekly, etc.) to take care of this reptile? We know it is exciting when you are purchasing a new pet but please take the time to listen to our knowledgeable staff.


Initial Costs (habitat, animal, tools and equipment, etc.)
Long-term Costs (Hydro, replacement equipment, bulbs, food, etc.)

Other Pets

Will they get along? Will you still have time and money for the other pet?
Will you be able to give equal attention to both?

Lifespan and Commitment

How long will your new reptile live for? Where will you be and what will you be doing in 5 years? 10 years? Is this reptile still going to be right for you at that point in your life? What are your options if one day you can’t take care of this reptile? Please note that if at some point your life changes and you need to rehome your reptile, the staff at can help you with working through that process.

Space and Location

How much room does this reptile take up in your house? Do you have enough space to properly care for it? Does this reptile get larger and therefore require more room? Will your living space change during the course of this reptile’s life time? Where in your house will you put your new reptile? Is there too much traffic in that area? Is there a draft from a window or door? Good temperatures? Lighting? Is there too much noise?

The staff at will cover all of your new reptile’s needs before you complete your purchase.

Comfort Level of Family Members

Just because you appreciate your new reptile doesn’t mean all of your family members will. Some people have phobias and everyone who lives at your house should be comfortable with the new reptile moving in. Please do not expect or force others to enjoy your new reptile in the same manner that you do!

Overall Size of Animal

Some reptiles grow very large. Selection of your reptile is very important when considering how large it may get. Most reptiles reach their full size within the first 3-4 years of their life. Will you be able to work with a large reptile safely? Be able to afford the amount of money required to feed a large reptile when it is full grown? Ensure this is part of the discussion you have with the staff at

Your Knowledge Level

Do you know how to take care of this reptile and the basic information regarding it’s natural habitat? Are you comfortable dealing with any problems that may develop while caring for this reptile? The staff at will provide you with information to spot minor health problems as well as advise you of what are both normal and irregular behaviour.


With the years of experience that the staff at has, your reptiles health concerns can often be addressed by them. If a veterinarian visit is needed, they will direct you to a vet that is trained in reptile care and has the knowledge to provide you with the best treatment moving forward.


Being in business for as long as we have, and with the knowledge of the staff at, we have the compiled a complete supply of products to handle all your reptile needs. The products we stock are the supplies we use every day and will willingly tell you the advantages and disadvantages (if any) of every product we have. We stock, use and sell only the best products available at a fair price. Using only manufacturers that stand behind their products, our suppliers handle issues if they arise.


Where to Purchase Your Reptile

There are many stores to choose from but is the only store in the greater Hamilton area that deals exclusively in Reptiles. Our staff, with their strong knowledge base, will help you with your purchase. Our store is clean, and the reptiles in the store are healthy and well cared for. Our staff will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have.

Captive Bred vs. Wild Caught

In all instances it is recommended to purchase captive breed animals. Unless the market cannot provide stock, all the reptiles at are captive bred. We have a very small, select group of breeders that we work with, ensuring that what we sell is not only healthy, but from a known background.

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