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OUR MISSION provides the highest quality of customer service, expertise, and care to all of our clientele from the new keepers to the serious herpetoculturists. At we carry the best products, and personally hand pick our livestock to give you the healthiest animals possible. prides itself on our educational programs that bring our community closer to our natural world. We will continue to provide knowledge and services to the public, while keeping our ecological footprint minimal.



Jeff Reynolds



It’s not often that you get to enjoy the privilege of working with your lifelong passion! I’m one of the fortunate to do so. After 20+ years in the automotive electrical manufacturing field, I retired and joined the team at The passion that I have for reptiles has been built over 50 years of working with these amazing creatures. One of the things I enjoy most is teaching others about reptiles. Whether at an outdoor festival, fall fair, gatherings large or small, explaining to others about how these creatures live and survive in our ever-changing world is exciting. With the many curriculum driven programs we offer, visiting schools and enhancing the learning of students from JK through College provides an opportunity to share the knowledge we have.


I got my first snake at The Reptile Store when I was 16 years old. My love of reptiles led to a high school co-op placement with the store.  I was then hired to host the in-store birthday parties until the shop went exclusively to road shows. With years of bartending in-between, I was asked back in 2019 to help in the store, and will be continuing my journey into animal conservation with our native species in a Fish and Wildlife Technician course. 



I’ve had a passion for reptiles since I was a child and had been shopping at for a long time before joining the staff. I am very knowledgeable about our reptiles and their care. I learned hands on and continue to educate myself on an ongoing basis. I have been breeding crested geckos for the past few years and will gladly answer any questions you have about breeding them yourself.  I am very happy to be a part of the team at and look forward to helping you enjoy reptiles as much as I do.





I was initially introduced to reptiles after starting to work at Big Al’s in Kitchener in the fish department. Within a couple of weeks, my prior fear of snakes turned into a passion for reptiles! For the next 3 years I researched many new species and had the opportunity to work with some of the larger snake species, including burmese and mainland reticulated pythons. I also worked with various monitors as well. This led me to the Animal Care course at Sheridan College. When I graduated, I continued to learn as much as I could and made many reptile presentations at schools, sharing my passion with the students. I’m proud to be a member of the staff here and look forward to meeting you when you drop in!

I started working with reptiles at the age of 4 which has allowed me to really learn and appreciate these amazing creatures. I attended the Reptile Summer camps every year, worked there as a counselor and continued as a high school co-op student in the store. Now, finished with college, I look forward to fillings your reptile needs, whether you are adding to your collection or starting out for the first time. Outside of work, I enjoy my role as a Rep hockey coach, working with young players in a competitive environment.

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