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We are excited to provide the best reptile facility in Hamilton, Ontario! This city has a long history of quality in the reptile pet industry and we are continuing that high standard. only carries products that we believe in and those we know will work well. We have years of hands on experience and knowledge. We can assist you whether you’re setting up your first reptile pet, or your hundredth!

We carry Ontario’s most complete inventory of dry goods and equipment so we will always have what you need… IN STOCK!


Our selection of live reptiles coming into our store is of our utmost concern. We deal with only the most respected breeders and importers in the industry and all the reptiles on our sales floor have been personally handpicked by our knowledgeable staff to ensure you are purchasing the highest quality possible.


Look at the wide selection of reptiles available at our off site breeding facility that are shown on-line. You can order and pay for any of these on-line with delivery to the store on Tuesday afternoons.

Feel free to drop into and look at what we have on-hand as well.

We also offer a full line of feeders, available on our online store and in-store.


Anolis sagrei juvenile.jpg

Captive Bred Brown Anoles

Anolis sagrei

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Chamaeleolis barbatus 3.jpg

False Chameleon Anoles

Anolis barbatus

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Lampropeltis getula floridiana - hypo ju

Brook/Hypo King Snakes

Lampropeltis getulus floridiana

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